From Financier To Folk: Multi-Faceted Songwriter Nick Binkley Discusses New Album ‘Stardust Angels Ghosts’ & More

From creating music, to producing documentaries, and being a successful businessman to boot, Nick Binkley isn’t shy of pursuing interdisciplinary interests.

Debuting his album from his San Diego-based label in 1995, Pin Stripe Brain is the start of him finding his sound within Americana, folk, and soft rock. Using his soft Americana sound and resonating lyricism, he strives to use his music as a vehicle for change. He has worked with Russian rock artists like Valery Saifudinov to illuminate the extraordinary story of how rock and roll contributed to the end of the Cold War as well as the collapse of Soviet Communism itself.

While he contributed much to matters overseas, he also immersed himself in the issues of his home country. Binkley has shown no fear of pursuing charitable work combined with songwriting in support of causes and movements that matter the most to him. In his album 100 Parts of Heart, it features songs he crafted during the aftermath of 9/11, all while founding and heading the Diana Padelford Binkley Foundation (“The Diana Foundation”); a charitable institution focusing on women’s health issues named after his late wife.

Binkley’s newest album, Stardust Angels Ghost, officially dropped May 19th, and his first since 2014. The singer-songwriter brings about the vision of the world he hopes to see. His earnest voice paired with the slow melody of his guitar is only a glimpse of his sincerity and power as an artist.

We got the chance to chat with him in-depth to learn more about the album, his past endeavors, and much more.

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