Nada Sonata


Joyous angst with melodic nod to the Sixties.  Sophisticated harmonies from raw and raucous to the polished and sublime.

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Name Artist Time
I Don't Know You
Mark Hart 03:23
Something to Take My Mind Off of You
Mark Hart 03:17
I've Got A Girl
Mark Hart 04:19
Around Again
Mark Hart 04:27
To Paris
Mark Hart 03:56
Many Roads
Mark Hart 02:57
Always Better U Near
Mark Hart 04:07
Time Bomb Man
Mark Hart 04:01
1000 Days of Beer
Mark Hart 03:44
Nada Sonata
Mark Hart 04:52
Drowning In The Air
Mark Hart 04:24
Lullaby for Channing
Mark Hart 03:07


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